Starting the next chapter in my life

Hi All,


I’ve finally come back to writing my blog again. There are times I take time off from writing it because I get so busy with work I don’t have time for anything else but to sleep and eat. Now that I’m changing jobs after 6 years I can finally have my weekends back to spend on doing my hobbies and “me time” things to take better care of myself. For the last six years I’ve spent focused primarily on my job working at Weight Watchers as receptionist and personal coach.  I’ve been ready for change in my job/career for the past two years. For the past 18 months I’ve been tremodous amount of pressure to find a place to live and my job at Weight Watchers constantly changing.

Last fall I got the opportunity to interview for a job working with the federal government. The interview went great. It’s taken six months to get the job. The federal government likes to put people though lots of hoops before they hire new people. I start my new job on Monday 2.8.16.  I’m looking forward to starting this next chapter of my life.

I’ve already moved house twice in the last 8 months. Now I’m changing jobs. It’s a great new employment opportunity to do something completely different than what I’ve been doing for the last six years. I’m ready to do something completely different. I’ll get to have a set schedule and location to go to five days a week. Currently, I don’t have an exact set schedule or location I go to every day. I travel a lot for my Weight Watchers job. I go to one location or another. I take the bus everywhere. It can take it’s toll physically and emotionally after while to travel all over Seattle and North Seattle to get to different job sites.

I’m very happy to now being working at one job site Monday thru Friday.  40 hours a week with a set schedule. I only have to take one or two buses to work and back home. That will help with my fatigue and stress level by not having to travel as much for work.

I still plan on keeping my foot in the door at Weight Watchers by working one meeting and either being a personal coach or 24/7 chat coach. That way I can stay connected with what’s going on at WW but have some distance to focus on my other job and pursue my pleasures outside of work.

2016 is the year of change for me. I’m looking forward to this new adventure in my life.


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