The Roommate Experience

Hi All,

I’m writing about my new adventure the roommate experience. I hadn’t ever lived with roommates before now. I used to live with my mom. It’s the first time for me living with new people I hardly know who aren’t my mom. It’s definitely a challenging time for me. When you have lived with the same person for as long as I had you tend to have similar ways to do things and a comfort level with each other. I’m completely out of my comfort zone with roommates. I haven’t every lived with two straight mid-30’s guys before. That’s all very new to me. And one of them has his girlfriend living with us.All three tend to be more night owls, only because they are currently unemployed and looking for work. Mostly they stay in their rooms, listen to their music loudly all before 10pm at night and have friends over. At times it feels a little too close for comfort for me. We are friendly towards each and conduct small talk now and then but overall we just keep to ourselves and have our own lives.

I was not sure what I was expecting living with roommates going into this new situation. I’m learning as I go along. I’m a much quieter and shyer person than they are. I haven’t had many friends over yet to my new adobe. My mom and Aunt are the only ones so far who have come to see it and have met my roommates.  My three other roommates are nice and friendly enough. I’m used to have some peace and quiet on my downtime outside of work to myself. It’s been somewhat of an adjustment not to get as much time by myself to get refreshed and ready to face my next day. I just make quiet/alone time in my bedroom to have zen time to myself.

I thought I was messy and cluttered but when it comes to the kitchen space one of my male roommates puts off doing the dishes to very last minute and lets them pile up in the kitchen sink. It’s gross. He will do his dishes when asked and mostly put them in the dishwasher to get washed. Yes, I do leave my bedroom quite messy and cluttered. I do try to pick up after myself and clean up regularly in my bedroom. You share kitchen, living and dining room space it’s common courtesy to pick up after yourself more often so it doesn’t look like hoarders live there. Additionally, the one roommate who doesn’t do dishes often he and his girlfriend are eating my food and borrowing stuff without asking. I find that very immature and rude behavior. We are all grown ups. It would be great if they could act like it. I’m sure it’s going to happen any time soon.

From my experience thus far male roommates are quite different from female roommates because being clean in shared spaces and going to work every day are their first priorities. It was awake up call to me. I do have quite a flexible work schedule working at Weight Watchers. I do go outside the house to work at different meetings locations during the week and do some work from home as a personal coach. I just don’t want to be home all the time. I like to go out in the world and be a part of it. Living with them is okay/good it’s not great though. I like my landlady a lot. She has been very supportive and helpful. I’m slowly getting used to living there with more people than I’m used to. I’m learning to be more of an open communicator wtih my roomies and what I want out of shared living experience together.

I hope to stay for a little awhile until I can get a bit more financially stable and have a better paying job that is more set and structured. Don’t get me wrong I’m passionate about the Weight Watchers program. I love helping people. It’s time to try something new in terms of my job and career. I love and adore some fabulous people who work at Weight Watchers with me.  Have made a few close friends, others have been great mentors to me and others still have taught me the what I don’t want to be as co-worker and as a person.

***Ideally, if I could live alone or with a signficant other that would be ideal. Right now that’s not possible because financial reasons and I’m not currently in a relationship.


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