I’m my own Wonderwoman

Hi All,

I’ve been loving all the topics we have been covering in the Weight Watchers meetings in the last 4-5 months. They have really spoken to me. A topic recently “The Best Version of Me” has great meaning to me. For the last almost 8 years I’ve been transforming from the “older” version to the “newer” one. I sort of thinking of myself as Wonderman. For the past 6 years in November I’ve been working darn hard maintaining and staying at my lifetime goal. For the past 2 years I’ve been struggling up and down with 10 pounds. I’m now slowly getting back on track to where I want to be weight wise. It’s not easy having to be a role model. I have my moments now and then where I don’t feel like being a role model because I feel it’s hard to live up to at times. I believe those are the times when I need to dig deep inside myself and remember how far I’ve come and continue to go. I realized I don’t have to be a “perfect” role model. It doesn’t exist. I would rather be a flawed “Wonderwoman” than a perfect one. That I struggle as a lifetime member at goal makes me more human.

I think what I allowed to happen was let my stress and a few old eating habits dictate the way I was eating and not exercising enough. Now I’m taking back control over my stress, eating and exercise. The more I can focus on what I want out of life in terms of my health, fitness and me time the better off I’ll be. I like to think of myself as Wonderwoman. I work hard and play hard. I strive constantly to want to improve myself in all aspects of my life; whether is doing the Weight Watchers program, standing up for myself by being assertive and not aggressive, voicing my own opinions (even when they aren’t popular or there isn’t agreement) and not letting my limitations get in my way.

I’ve definitely learned a lot in the last 10 months about life. I realized my life is my own and no one else’s. I’ve quite of few ups and downs over this period which could have stopped me in my tracks but thankfully just made me a strong, more confident person. I’m learning to be more honest with myself who I am and what I want. My friends and family who know me well know I’m my own hero who makes mistakes and has failures but keeps on going. My “Best Self” is my own version of Wonderwoman.  My superpower(s) include; “Zesty, Intituitive, Sensitive, Strong, Persistent and great sense of humor of how I handle difficult life situations and find happiness in my life. I’m still continually learning to not take things so personally when I deal with challenging people in my life. Those types of people are great learning tools for me to gain experience about what kind of person I don’t want to be as I age and continue to become a fully realized adult version of myself. I use them as building blocks for changes I want to make within myself.

End quote: “It’s about progress not perfection.”


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