Learning to take better care of myself

Hi All,

I thought I would talk about taking better care of myself this week. The last few months I’ve been having a hard time fitting in time for myself. I’ve been so focused on personal stuff (which has been super stressful) I haven’t had time to really focus more on myself. I realized I need to have more “me” time because I end up feeling depleted and not myself.For me taking better care of myself has been one of the hardest lessons I’ve had to learn as an adult. Sometimes I’m very challenged with taking care of myself and other times I’m great at it. I think it varies so much for me because of the nature of my job and how I spend my time throughout my day when I’m not working. Taking better care of myself is the good kind of “selfish”. What I mean by the good kind of “selfish” putting my internal and emotional welfare first above other peoples needs and wants from me.

**Examples of: me time can be anything you want it to be. For example, doing yoga or meditation to relax from stressful situations, traveling around the world, taking ten minutes out of your day to just do to deep breathing to feel more relaxed from a long day. It’s all about choices and doing me time stuff you actually like doing.

Ways I’ve fit more me time in lately have been-coloring in an adult coloring book, writing this book, going out to exercise, hanging out with friends and sleep. Yes I said, “Sleep.” I was getting run down and exhausted from lack of a good night’s rest. When I get a full 7-8 hours of sleep I feel rested and ready to go about my day. I exercise because it helps with my mood, energy, fatigue and overall sense of well being. I color in my adult coloring book because it’s mediative and it relaxes me. I write this blog because it’s my creative outlet to express myself.

Finding more “me” time is important because it can fuel you mind, body and soul. I usually feel so much better when I take better care of myself and get time for myself during my day and week. I highly recommend it.



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