About Me!

Hi All,

As you read in my first new entry in my WordPress blog I’m starting over. That was my welcome entry into my new blog. This blog entry is really my first entry about me and who I am as person.

About me:

On first impression of meeting me (all from my perspective): you either like me or think who is that weirdo. There are times when I can be a very shy and reserved person because I like my privacy. Another times I’m a huge open book. For my job I’m pretty darn friendly, warm, kind and compassionate.That’s my public persona. My public persona is only a part of me.

My private persona is who I am most the time.I’m a big talker. I love to verbalize. I can be loud, obxinous and curse “like a sailor.”  Most people love me as I am or don’t give me the time of day. There are still others who are “middle of the road.” I freely admit I’m not the easiest person to live with or be friends. Once you are my friend and really know me you’ll end up being my friend for life. I have my dark side just like everyone else. If you can put up with all facets of me you are good peeps in my book. My close friends and family accepted as I am. I can be very zesty, funny, snarky, weird and unusual all rolled into one.

Other aspects to me:  I’m a very high sensitive person who at times takes things way too personally. I’m learning to not to take things as personally and go more with the flow. Sometimes I can be super shy and reserved when I’m in an unknown/new situation to me and not sure how to be with new people. I don’t like being controlled or censored. In my past I had to put up with a lot of that can behavior from people around me. Now I don’t stand for it. I also don’t like be around bullies because I’m not in middle and high school anymore. When I was younger I was somewhat of bully to protect myself from getting hurt and I ended up hurting myself more by hurting other people around me.  I don’t like bullying of any kind. That’s why when I come in contact with people in my live who have bullish behavior I tend to not have contact with them or let them know I won’t put up with it. When I feel I can’t be myself or feel excluded from a group because of “Queen Bees” or other women who feed into misogny I hold my head high and choose not to become friends with them. Because I don’t want that kind of negativity in my life.

I am now trying to live a more positive and optimistic life not a “Debbie Downer” one. I am who I am warts and all. Love me or leave me. I don’t want to be anyone else. I don’t want live my life over and redo my regrets. I choose now to have no regrets. My past is in the past. Where it should stay. I’m looking forward to the rest of my life however it plays out.



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