Starting over

Hi All,

A bit of an overview: If you brand new to my blog. I used to write a WW blogs on blogspot (via Google)  for a few months.

Biography of Blog author: My name is Marisa. I currently work at Weight Watchers as receptionist and personal coach. I’ve lost 117 pounds and have kept it off for six years. I’ve been working at Weight Watchers for five and half years. My hobbies include: writing, reading, watching tv or movies on Netflix or Hulu and hanging out with my friends. My fitness activities include: walking, hiking, cleaning and whatever type of fitness that hits my fancy.

Starting Over-Hitting my Reset Button

I’ve taken a long hiatus from writing my blogs because I had huge writer’s block. Over the last few months I’ve been going over and over in my head whether or not to start again. I decided to hit the reset button. I want to take a different approach to writing my blogs. Some week’s will be about Weight Watchers related topics. Other weeks might be opinion pieces or about being more positive and taking better care of oneself. I’m in charge of my own blog.

When I get stale or bored with things I stop and take a break for a while. I needed the time to decide if I still liked writing the blogs the same way or if I needed to try something new to get my creative juices flowing again. I basically felt I was writing the about the same stuff over and over again it a slightly different way each time and I got bored and stuck. I felt very limited by what I was writing because I wasn’t allowing myself the freedom to write about whatever I like whenever I liked. No more. Now is the time for me to let my wings spread and explore new ideas and have new adventures.

My first steps to redesigning my blog were to get a totally new look and start a different website. I want to write about what interests me and not just about what I do for a living. I want share my thoughts and ideas on a variety of subjects in order to let my creative mind flow. Life is ever changing and evolving. I want to be one of those people who ride their wave of change to wherever it leads me. Please come along on my journey.



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